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     Harbin  stander pencil company of china was founded in 1949, the production and operation of the Temple of Heaven is licensing Series wood pencil, high-grade resin fine lead-pencil boards and senior softening mainly supporting the professionalization of state-owned enterprises, is the first batch of Chinese exports pencil the first manufacturers.
   Companies operating under the Harbin Industrial assets limited liability companies, under the Temple of Heaven pencil MILL Harbin, Harbin - has the responsibility to lead the Temple of Heaven, Harbin Tiantan T industry limited liability company, the existing active employees 196 people; GM has various types, and special equipment for 286 units (sets); With an annual output of 400 million pencils, 40 tons resin thin lead batteries, 4 million-pencil board production capacity. The Temple of Heaven licensing wood pencil and the Temple of Heaven licensing resin fine lead-national industries were the only domestic brands and the "trump card" products, standard pencil Harbin China by the Chinese  Association of the company as China pencil product industry's most influential enterprises. The Temple of Heaven brand , product coverage throughout the country,sale to Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, and other countries and regions, by the favored .2004, the overwhelming majority of customers, as the Polytechnic University campus expansion, the company in the form of corporate mergers by institutions Nangang District 3 streets relocation to positive development of the hot spots in the Haar foreshore City-North workers and peasants Matsuura Town Road No. 1 (the original Harbin City Longjiang tannery). Enterprise site area of 93,000 square meters, construction of 23,000 square meters, after the relocation of the Harbin company is the Chinese standard pencil by the Dongfeng reform, full use of the state on the revitalization of the old industrial bases in Northeast related preferential policies, and actively carry out all aspects of enterprise reform system View of inviting foreign investment and more work.     Harbin  stander pencil company of china believe that the standard pencil company's interest in the community to help, through the active efforts of all my colleagues, the company's development prospects will be even brighter, tomorrow will be even better!

                                                                                         Harbin  stander pencil company of china

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